RoHS is a India based certification company, which offers ISO Certification such as ISO 9001:2008 Certification; ISO 14001:2004 Environmental management systems Certification; ISO 18001:2007 Certification/ OHSAS (Occupational Health and Safety)

RoHS Compliance Assurance

RoHS provides third-party verification of RoHS compliance including specific documentation to be shown to enforcement agencies. RoHS has a solution that is comprehensive, up-to-date, interfaces with most standard component databases and ERP systems, and adapts to changes in both components and products. RoHS’s documents are designed to enable companies to meet the documentation requirements of RoHS enforcement agencies. RoHS’s Compliance Assurance Service gives manufacturers access to experts on RoHS compliance and a proven documentation process that helps ensure products are RoHS compliant and demonstrates due diligence.

RoHS’s RoHS Compliance Assurance Services include:

  • A detailed RoHS audit
    • Complete review of training, operations, quality, data, and procurement systems
    • Audit report and gap-analysis
    • Component and product testing and verification through XRF Screening and other physical auditing method
  • Creation of a template for a RoHS Due Diligence Document
    • Summary of training, operations, quality, data, and procurement systems
    • Material Declaration format that provides component-by-component due diligence traceability
    • Recommendations & procedure updates related to RoHS
  • Automated creation of additional documents
    • Document retrieval from standard component databases and systems
    • Application for creation of due diligence reports
    • Electronic & hard copy document creation
    • Additional modules providing IPC1752, JIS-C-0950, JGPSSI, and China RoHS / Korea RoHS reports & declarations

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