RoHS is a India based certification company, which offers ISO Certification such as ISO 9001:2008 Certification; ISO 14001:2004 Environmental management systems Certification; ISO 18001:2007 Certification/ OHSAS (Occupational Health and Safety)

RoHS XRF Screening

RoHS RoHS XRF screening is a cost effective method to determine compliance levels in products and parts. X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis can be used as a pre-screening method for compliance since it focuses primarily on the parts of a product with the highest risk of containing RoHS substances and can identify the presence of these substances in their elemental form at high output, minimal or no sample preparation, and by a wide, dynamic range of measured concentrations.

The number of check and data points determined will be directly related to both the size and complexity of the product itself. After completion of the check using the XRF analyzer, preliminary findings are provided to the client via email and a complete XRF screening report is issued within two working days – offering clients a fast, effective, and low cost method for screening their products with no complicated chemical preparation needed.

If XRF screening indicates that samples do not contain RoHS substances above the legal threshold, there is a substantially reduced need for further testing such as wet chemical analysis, ICP, UV-VIS, and GC/MS.

Handheld XRF Analyzers

Handheld XRF analyzers can help you create an in-house testing system that is fast, non-invasive, and cost-effective. Handheld XRF analyzers are small devices that screen items for elements, including for the elements banned under the RoHS. These devices screen in real time, which means that you get results instantly. It’s an ideal way to tell whether a piece of equipment is RoHS compliant – without the wait. In compliance with RoHS, many handheld XRF analyzers also save the results of scans. In addition, these scans do not require any actions on the part of the user – the scanners do all the analysis work. This helps to reduce human error for more reliable results.

With handheld XRF analyzers, you can enjoy the benefits of in-house testing without having to pay for consultants, additional employees, or expensive equipment. Since these analyzers are not destructive, you will not need to sacrifice any parts of equipment to testing. You may not even have to purchase handheld XRF analyzers. Many companies offer rentals of these devices so that you can rent the latest models as you need them for RoHS compliance testing. The IEC Guidelines affirm that XRF testing is a valuable step in RoHS compliance.

RoHS also offers onsite XRF screening and inspection services, with real time manufacturing and shipment verifications, using a state-of-the-art portable XRF analyzer. A trained RoHS expert will visit your business location and use a handheld XRF analyzer to check for the following four levels for RoHS conformity assessment:

  • External components and materials such as casing, plastic parts, etc.
  • Sub-assembly parts such as PCBA
  • Other parts internal to the product such as switches, wire, connectors, etc.
  • Accessory parts such as cable wire, adaptors, etc.

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